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Bringing Vehicle into Oman

If you intend to import your vehicle, you need to go with your shipping agent to the port to get the import papers from the port authorities. They’ll give you a form with some details of the car on it, such as engine number, chassis number and date of production. Depending on the age of the vehicle, and the mood of the person helping you, you might have to pay tax.

Even though the car is not registered, you can insure on the basis of the engine number or chassis number to identify the car. The insurance company will give you a form, all in Arabic, which you’ll need for the registration. The insurance company will fill in the form for you. You’ll also need a letter from your sponsor to say they approve of you importing the vehicle.

The next step is to go to the Ministry of Commerce in Ruwi, behind the Lulu Shopping Centre. Bring along the vehicle export papers from the country of origin, the import papers from the shipping agent, the registration form in Arabic from the insurance company, the insurance papers, the sponsor letter, passport copies, your Oman driving licence, a copy of your labour card and the original ownership papers. After paying a fee of RO1, you’ll be given an approval form. Next, you should stop by the police station on Death Valley Road to have your car checked in the Annual Inspections section. Once your vehicle has been inspected, collect the inspector’s report and proceed to the main office of the police station. Here you’ll have to present your documents before being directed to the customs counter. After customs, you’ll be sent back to the inspector’s office and this is when you’ll have to pay a fee of RO20. You'll then get your licence plates, which you’ll take home to affix to your car. The following day you should go back and hand over the receipt. They will give you the final registration card, which is the same size as a credit card. Finally, go back to the insurance company and give them the registration number and show them the card.





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