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Taxi & Bus Services in Oman


IF you don't have a car, taxis are the most common way of getting around and they will often hoot to attract your attention if you are on foot. All taxis have distinctive orange and white stripes. Each taxi is privately owned by an Omani National, who may or may not speak good English and might not provide you with a seatbelt. Taxis are not metered so always agree on a price before you get in. The usual fare from As Seeb airport to Madinat Qaboos is approximately RO7, but this can be reduced if you have good negotiating skills.

Shared taxis and the small 14-seater mini vans are cheaper and a more popular option, especially for longer journeys. They have set routes and fares and to board one of these, just flag them down at the side of the road. A short ride from Ruwi to Muscat can cost as little as 200 baizas.

There are three private taxi firms which you can phone for a taxi at any time of the day or night. You can make an advance reservation but it is wise to remind them of your reservation nearer the time to make sure they know your location and will arrive on time. Taxi companies are not too fastidious about timekeeping, so be sure to specify if you have an urgent appointment to keep. The drivers are registered and in radio contact with a controller and the vehicles are clean and safe. These are highly recommended for women travelling alone, especially during evening hours. Because these cars are metered, you will often end up paying less than if you try to haggle down the price of an orange and white taxi.

Taxi Companies

City Taxi
Tel: 2460-3363

Hello Taxi
Tel: 2460-7011

New Taxi Service
Tel: 2450-1020

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