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Entertainment & Nightlife in Oman


Alcohol is available only in select restaurants and large hotels and is usually very expensive. Drinking alcohol in public is prohibited, but you can get your own drinks and enjoy at public areas but in privacy such as camping by beaches, sands, mountains, or actually in any remote areas. Only foreign residents can buy alcohol from alcohol shops and with certain limits. But an alcohol black market is widely spread around the cities and alcohol can be found easily.

Foreigner travellers are allowed 2 litres of spirits as duty free baggage allowance. Travellers can pick up spirits at the duty free shop in the arrival lounge.

During Ramadan, drinking anything in public is prohibited, even for foreigners. Take care to drink in the privacy of your room.


Classical music concerts in Muscat are held every now and again, but there are no regular or long-term fixtures. Some of the hotels, particularly the Hyatt Regency and the Al Bustan Palace also arrange events where, for example, the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra might perform. There’s no regular pop or rock concert scene, but you might be able to catch a few performances. So keep an eye out for announcements from the Petroleum Development Oman camp, the British Ambassador’s residence and the City Amphitheatre in Qurum Park.

A trip to the cinema is a popular pastime in Oman and film lovers who want to see the latest Bollywood, Hollywood and Arabic releases are reasonably well catered for. There are two English language cinemas and a few smaller ones that show mainly Hindi and Arabic films.

Muscat has a reasonable number of bars. Most are located within hotels and the 'in' places are a hive of after hours activity. In addition to the bars reviewed here, there are plenty of others (usually in the smaller hotels), that may not attract the regular crowd but which are still worth popping in to, if only to try a change of scenery.

One of the more popular places where expatriates tend to congregate and have a drink or two is Al Ghazal Bar (Shatti Al Qurum Madinat As Sultan Qaboos). The place not only serves alcohol but also holds quiz nights and is a good place to watch significant sporting events.

Named after the raised ship and its booty of silver treasure that made the fortunes of the Hyatt's owner, John Barry Bar is a sophisticated setting for some live piano music and a cocktail. Another piano bar with fabulous underwater themed murals is the Coral Bar. The staff is very friendly, and the beers, spirits and wines are sold at standard hotel prices. Coral Bar is popular with local businessmen and hotel guests, and appeals to the slightly older customer or someone who’s happy for a chilled-out evening of something to drink and conversation.

Duke's Bar at the Crowne Plaza has the evocative rocky seascape view, framed by a giant picture window. The regulars here are a diverse bunch: locals and expatriates of many nationalities, kept busy with quiz nights, ladies' nights and various live music acts.

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