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Museums & Galleries in Oman


Al Madina Art Gallery
Tel: 2469-1380

The Al Madina Art Gallery is a one-stop shop for many different forms of arts in Oman. Located in the suburb of Madinat As Sultan Qaboos, they have regular exhibitions of watercolours and oil paintings, and they also host many special events throughout the year. If you have some time to kill, have a browse through the ample selection of prints – you could be rewarded with an attractive piece of art for a lot less than you would pay for an original. Al Madina also stocks some interesting jewellery made from unconventional materials such as freshwater pearls or desert diamonds.

Armed Forces Museum
Tel: 2431-2642

This museum, located in the 150 year-old Bait Al Falaj Fort, houses an extensive collection related to Oman's history of warfare and the military, with artifacts on weapon such as guns and cannons, uniforms, motor vehicles, strategies Uniforms, instruments, medals and even an ejector seat and a parachute on display.

Bayt Al Baranda
Tel: 2471-4262

Located in Muttrah, the museum recounts the history of Muscat since its geological formation to the present day, using interactive technology that displays pictures of tectonic plate movement over the past 750 million years until today, showing the activity that formed the continents in the past and how they will change over the next 250 million years. The museum also includes documentation of the Sultanate of Oman’s history since its inception to the present day.

Bait Al Zubair
Tel: 2473-6688

Opened in 1998, Bait Al Zubair Museum is located outside the city wall, in front of the Bab Al Kabir gate to the South, on Al Saidiya Street. It displays Omani artefacts and collectables, including a group of conventional weapons, jewellery, clothing, household items and some old models representing Omani rural and urban environments. Outside of the museum is full-scale Omani village and souk.

Children's Museum
Tel: 2460-5368

The Children's Museum is located near Qurum Nature Park, off Sultan Qaboos Street in a white-domed building. The museum simplifies science and technology and presents them in an animated version, allowing visitors to see the vital role played by science in various aspects of life.

Although this museum is called the Children's Museum, its exhibits are suitable for all ages and are presented in a simplified fashion to facilitate access to information for future generations. It has many hands-on displays which include experiences of a fake electric shock, trigger a lightning bolt, launching a hot air balloon, photographing your own shadow, and sending message through a whisper dish. There is also a display named "Eye Spy", which is series of perception panels with illusions designed to offer some insight into how your eyes and brain see things differently.

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